Google’s new minimalist product line oozes cool

Google last week unveiled its gorgeous new hardware in a series of mesmerizing demos and videos. This was the first time I’d seen a major tech-company hold an entire event just to celebrate its achievement in aesthetics. And it was a sight for sore eyes.

While watching the Apple event online with my co-workers this summer, I saw our team become increasingly underwhelmed by lackluster reveals. The gear was fine; the iPhone X looked cool, but nothing seemed particularly special about any of it. Tim Cook and company regaled us with numbers and hyperbole. Sure it was decent, but I wasn’t wowed.

The mood was entirely different last week when we gathered to cover the Google event. We became increasingly excited with each reveal. More, we’d all declare how much we wanted whatever was streaming on our screens in a frenzy of virtual oohs and aahs. I won’t speak for everyone, but from where I was sitting, it looked like we were all very impressed with the product lineup.

The first time I saw the Pixel 2 my initial reaction was that it needed the word PHONE on its back in big generic letters. The most interesting thing about it is the screen, and that’s counter-intuitive to someone who owns a C3PO-colored glass-backed Samsung Galaxy S7 that would be a better match for Beyonce than a tech journalist. After I saw what the Pixel 2 was trying to accomplish, however, I got it.



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