Download Microsoft Edge Web Browser for Android and iOS

Microsoft Edge” web browser was introduced in Windows 10 operating system and was developed to replace the good ol’ classic Internet Explorer web browser in Windows OS. Microsoft Edge is actually a UWP app (also known as modern or metro app) just like other UWP apps present in Windows 10 OS.

Microsoft Edge features a clean and minimal user interface and provides almost all essential features to the end users. Some people actually find it faster than Internet Explorer web browser.

Now the good news is that Microsoft has released Microsoft Edge web browser for Google Android and iOS. So now Android mobile and Apple’s iPhone users can also enjoy this web browser in their smartphones.

Microsoft Edge is available for download in form of an app on Android and iOS platforms. If you have a mobile phone which contains Android or iOS operating system, you can try the Windows 10’s exclusive Microsoft Edge web browser in your device too. Previously it was only available in Windows Phones as they contain Windows 10 operating system which already contains this web browser.


You can download Microsoft Edge web browser for Android and iOS using following link:

Download Microsoft Edge for Android and iOS Mobile Devices

Android users can also download and install the app using Play Store. Currently the app is available in preview (beta) version which means its under development and testing phase and might contain bugs and issues.

The mobile app comes with almost all Windows app version’s features such as automatic data (favorites and reading lists) syncing in background, the hub view, continue on PC feature, reading view, QR code reader, voice search, InPrivate mode, etc.

Let’s tell you that this mobile app version doesn’t use the EdgeHTML engine which is used by the Windows 10 version of Microsoft Edge web browser. On iOS, the app uses WebKit engine (same engine used by Safari) and on Android it uses the Blink rendering engine which is available from the Chromium browser project and is used by Google Chrome, Opera and other Chromium based browsers.


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